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Show Results - Rottzenith Pakko

Pakko       2007 (October)
Baby Puppy Dog VP2
Rottweiler Club of NSW Championship Show
Judge: Mr Willem Peters
Critique: 3 month old puppy, scissor bite, well developed for age, good head, good skull and muzzle, brown eyes, well placed ears, good angulation front and hindquarters, strong bones, tan coloured markings, very good markings, good movement for age.

2007 (November)
Baby Puppy Dog VP4
Rottweiler Club of Victoria 40th Championship Show
Judge: Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium)
Critique: 4 months old, loose scissor bite, very good bone, strong male head, broad skull, medium sized ears, medium size round dark brown eyes, good stop, strong broad muzzle, pronounced zygomatic arch, strong neck, sloping croup, well set and carried tail, already well developed chest proportion with good depth and forechest, pasterns need to firm up, closed feet, slightly turning out in front, short stock hair, brown markings, pure and well defined, need to be better on chest, playful puppy movement with good reach and very good drive.

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