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Show Results - Aust Ch Rottzenith Nulla


2006 (April)
Junior Bitch - V4
Rottweiler Club of NSW Championship Show
Judge: Pedro Prat (Spain)
Critique: 11 mths, very good head, well set ears, ears need to be closer to cheek, in general pigment good but should be stronger, good chest, good straight front standing, scissor bite, full dentition, good muzzle, medium brown eyes, good neck, good depth of chest, good height, good angulation, good top/bottom lines, elbows open, free movement.

2006 (April)
Junior Bitch - SG
Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW
Judge: Carla Romanelli-Lensi (Italy)
Critique: Eleven months old, Full and complete dentition. Head in type, Well developed skull. Ears well set and carried. Stop could be slightly more pronounced. Brown eyes. Sufficient muzzle. Gums are correct for the age. Slightly stretched in the body. Top line yet soft. Slightly steep croup. Sufficient front and rear angulations. Medium bones. Correct front, feet could be better knuckled. Good coat. Markings could be slightly richer. In movement elbows are now loose. She needs to have a stronger top line. Fluid movement.

2006 (July)
Australian Bred Bitch
Rottweiler Club of Queensland
Judge: Anthony Marsh (NZ)
Critique: 14 months, very good head, sufficient stop, small ears carried slightly off the cheek, dark brown eyes, scissor bite, full dentition, dark mouth pigmentation, tan could be darker, good markings, excellent top and underline, good front and rear angles, sufficient reach and drive with good movement.


Australian Bred Bitch
Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW
Judge: Stephen Wolfson (USA)
Critique: 2 year old female large in size. Excellent focus. Good expression. Complete dentition, scissor bite. I3 upper right chipped. Good top skull, good proportion of skull to muzzle ratio. Small ears, high set, carried well. Could use more stop and pron of zygomatic arch. Good eye colour. Tight almond shaped eyelids, and good gum pigmentation. Tight dry skin on face. Excellent neck, good placement. Very good chest in depth and width. Stands correct in front. Good placement of elbows. Good shoulder lay back. Very good spring of rib. Excellent top and bottom line. Excellent tight fitting to body. Good markings in proportion. Bit long in body, good croup. Could use more rear angulation and turn of stifle. Going away the left foot bows out at the stifle, coming towards she turns out at both elbows. Side gait is harmonious but could use more power in the reach and in the rear.

2007 (September)
Australian Bred Bitch
Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc
Judge: Mike Jackman (Canada)
Critique: Two and half years. Scissor bite, complete dentition. Small ears should be carried closer to the head. Dark brown eyes. Dark mouth pigment. Medium brown clearly defined markings. Very good front and rear angulation. Very good neck and topline. Very good coat. Medium bone. Very good reach and drive.

2007 (October)
Australian Bred Bitch SG
Rottweiler Club of NSW Championship Show
Judge: Mr Willem Peters
Critique: 2 1/2 years, scissor bite, bitch of good size, would like a little shorter in loin, good structural proportions, good substance, strong head, good skull, would like more fill under the eyes, dark brown eyes, a little pink gums, high placed small ears, could be closer to the head, strong neck, good neck backline, good top and underline, good angulation in the front and rear, good depth of brisket, good width of chest, good forechest, hard coat, stands correctly in front and the rear, would like the tan colour richer, could be tighter in topline, sometimes crosses behind and in the front, elbows not firm, fair movement.

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