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Rottzenith Salient Seikhan - "Seikhan"

SeikhanAs a single woman with a chronic illness my beautiful boy, Seikhan (Buddhist name meaning "Knowledge & Wisdom”) is special to me in many ways.

Having previously owned Rottweilers, partaken in conformation shows and obedience, with my current lifestyle I wanted a Companion dog.

Circumstances that surrounds how Seikhan came to me I also deem special.

Id been gravely ill, close to death. During this time also losing my previous Rottweiler. Emotionally and physically fragile.

Quite unexpectedly I was given the opportunity to receive a pup from Irene. Her compassion and understanding how important allowing me one of her pups,I will be forever be grateful!

At this point the litter hadn’t yet been born. With the impending arrival of my boy a special friendship from interstate with Irene began.

Priority pick of the litter went to those who wanted Show Dogs. When the pups were born Irene sent photos of the litter. One in particular caught my eye… gangly long legs-one eye open,one closed (due to camera flash) and tongue hanging out.

He looked really “daggy” – but SO cute!!!

Over the weeks,pups shapes changed. With selection for Show Dogs to be made-the remaining dog was to be mine. I was blessed-the “daggy dog “ was mine!!!

Having this little bundle be dependent on me gave me reason to strive to stay well. Nuturing him, nutured me.

From the beginning Seikhan was BUSY! Inquisitive, tad cheeky, extremely sociable and very quick to learn. His temperament ‘Bomb Proof’. Nothing phased him. With this sound temperament and charismatic nature he has lead me to MANY new experiences and diverse activity.

He is my “TSeikhanherapy Dog”. With daily walks he keeps me motivated to be fit.

With my chronic illness there are times when I feel down, alone, overwhelmed with frustration. Family and friends don’t totally understand emotionally how difficult it is for me to cope at times. Particularly as I'm usually outgoing and vivacious. I don’t want to upset them so I hide it. In private at moments when Im down or teary, Seikhan senses this. Soon with his antics, gets me to laugh!

When he shoves his rope onto my lap ,Come play” Tug-a-War”-if ignored-then get a big wet lick on my face-how can I not laugh!

Puts things into perspective. Simple things in life can bring joy. He fills an empty void. He is my “man” and provides security.

My “daggy dog” has become a STUNNING Man!!! (bit like the ugly duckling turning into a swan!). We constantly get stopped on our walks with compliments; What a beautiful face, What a beautiful shiny coat , What a big head! , What a long tongue (visible when he is happy, as his mouth is then slightly parted and looks like he is grinning) , He’s smiling, So friendly…

Seikhan is a show off, loves attention and poses for photos. Unintentionally appearing on TV and in various mainstream print media. He is now nicknamed “Supermodel Seikhan”!

He is an identity around town. This in turn draws attention to me. As a petite female with a big Rottweiler he is a magnet attracting men (and women). My girlfriends complain they cant find a boyfriend. I say, come and walk with Seikhan and I !!!

SeikhanSo many interesting people Id otherwise never had acknowledged. Each has a story to tell. Listening to them is fulfilling, often both ways…

Seikhan engages people with his grand physique,non stop wagging tail and cheeky grin! This laid back manner when little yappy dogs approach, is his special trait that allows me to teach the ‘offending dog’ (and owner) not to be fearful. Usually with onlookers in awe watching Seikhan interacting so gently with a little pooch who succumbs and then plays nicely and confidently. This is so rewarding!!!

Whilst exhibiting at the” PET EXPO” in Melbourne, unbeknown to me a member of the Rottweiler Club had been observing Seikhan. This member was the owner of a cart and harness, looking for a new dog to replaced current retiring dog.

The original use for carting with Rottweilers was to pull heavy loads-once nicknamed the butchers dog because it was frequently put into service pulling the local butchers cart as they made deliveries. The dogs are specifically chosen whom have a sound temperament, obedience trained, exposed and socialised to various situations.

With Seikhans extremely sociable manner, strength and wanting to work, quickly learning new commands-it wasn’t long before he was puling the cart and taking children for rides!

It was as if he’d done this all his life-a prime example of what Rottweilers were originally bred for- A Working Dog!

When training in parks, Seikhan attracts a crowd Offering children rides is secondary to our main aim-to educate the public about the Rottweiler breed.

The satisfaction I get when we have members of the public, adults and children tentative but inquisitive come towards us willing to listen. Then able to promote responsible dog ownership for any breed, how to approach a dog safely, care for a dog and create awareness that our Rottweiler breed is not the stereotypical aggressive guard dog, but a wonderful loyal companion with many positive traits!

With Seikhan life is an adventure, keeping me stimulated. never knowing what to expect next.. We’ve been on the red carpet outside upmarket nightclubs. By just walking by, his engaging eyes ”Boof head” (and long wagging Tail!) he had the security guys at the door gush over him. ” Being a great drawcard, he now has been invited regularly back, VIP PARTY PUP!!!

He is special in creating situations where he is the centre of attention. The joy he brings to others is uplifting for me!!!

Life to Seikhan is all about FUN and to be happy. This transfers to me.


Seikhan  Seikhan

Pictured here with Bondi Vet, Dr Chris Brown





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